EA Giving Tuesday

Donation matching initiative

What is EA Giving Tuesday?

EA Giving Tuesday organizes people around a shared goal: to direct matching funds to highly effective nonprofits that they wouldn't otherwise receive. 

EA Giving Tuesday has been an event run for the past several years in sync with Facebook's Giving Tuesday. In November 2022, Meta announced that they will be matching throughout Giving Season rather than on Giving Tuesday.

Update to Facebook Match for 2022

On Nov 1st 2022, Meta announced a significant change to their annual Giving Tuesday donation matching scheme, which affects EA Giving Tuesday.

PLEASE NOTE: Meta is actively updating the terms of the match, so this information could be out of date, please see https://www.facebook.com/help/332488213787105 for current details - the EA Giving Tuesday team will try our best to keep this page up to date within 48 hours of changes notified from Meta. (Last reviewed 13th November 2022)

Here are the high level details of this year’s match:

“To help nonprofits jumpstart their Giving Season fundraising, Meta will match your donors’ recurring donation 100% up to $100 in the next month (up to $100,000 per organization and up to $7 million in total across all organizations). All new recurring donors who start a recurring donation within November 15 - December 31, 2022 are eligible. Read the terms and conditions.

The match now requires participants to set up a recurring donation, in order to get up to $100 in matched funds. The matched funds are provided once the second transaction goes through i.e. you need to donate for two months to receive the match. 

As of 4 Nov: We are unsure but it seems possible that a donor could set up recurring donations to multiple organizations (up to 200) in order to get multiple matches (for a total of up to $20,000 in matches). We believe this opportunity is only available in the US.

What does this mean for EA Giving Tuesday?

In the past, the value proposition of EA Giving Tuesday was to organise around the 100% match in the morning of Giving Tuesday. With the lower match amount per donation and the requirement for it to be recurring, we think that the matching is much less likely to be competitive and therefore the previous level of coordination does not make sense to continue.

The EA Giving Tuesday team has also decided that it makes the most sense for people to donate directly to the charities via Facebook given the new requirement about recurring donations. These changes mean that EA Giving Tuesday will not support any organisations that require re-granting or restrictions due to ongoing administrative requirements of recurring donations. 501c3’s registered with Facebook fundraising tools will be able to participate in Meta’s Giving Season match. 

We encourage you to look for effective charities on Facebook and will be listing effective charities who are interested in participating.

We’re disappointed that the match has changed significantly from the previous form, but we hope you find value in the matching opportunities from both Meta and Every.org listed below.

We will continue to search for new matching opportunities that have the ability to shift donations towards highly effective charities throughout the season. 

Instructions for Meta’s Giving Season Match 2022:

Once you’ve received confirmation of a match, please let us know the details via this impact evaluation form so we can quantify the value of these opportunities for future years.

Instructions for Every.org's Fall Giving Challenge:

For 2022, Every.org is running their Fall Giving Challenge again and is offering to match $50 for two months (November and December). 

For more information about the Every.org match, please see this EA Forum post from Will Kiely.

Once you’ve received confirmation of a match, please let us know the details via this impact evaluation form so we can quantify the value of these opportunities for future years.

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